Tashi R. Ghale hails from Manang - heart of the famed Annapurna region - north of Mt. Annapurna. He pursued his studies in the hill station Darjeeling, India.


Tashi's photos are subtle. The landscapes are alive and impressive, he lets the mountains speak for themselves. His studies in the light and shadow create an ambiance that is at once mysterious and down to earth. Life's passing moments and their fragility are captured in the instant of an eye that is trained to see the beauty in small things. He deals mainly with the Himalayas, wild life, social, culture and religious life of Manang.

He has been commented by a US based group for snow leopard conservation as the first Nepali photographer to capture the pictures of elusive snow leopard in its remotest habitat.

His work of art has been on calendars, postal cards, books, travel magazines, trekking maps, brochures. He has played a huge role in the Destination Manang 2004 and 2007 campaign.


Currently based in Manang Tashi also runs a guest house.


• Via Via Traveler's Cafe, Kathmandu-2003
• HRA, Manang-2004
• Impressions of Manang (group) NTB-2007
• Yak und Yeti Nepalese Restaurant in Vienna, (Austria)


Awards and Achievements
1. 2018 -- Disney Conservation Hero Award 2018 from Disney Conservation Fund for contributing snow leopard research and conservation through local conservation initiative and monitoring using non-invasive techniques - camera trapping.
2. 2016 -- Abraham Conservation Award’ from WWF Nepal for the remarkable contribution in Snow Leopard and other high-altitude wildlife documentation and conservation in Nepal Himalaya.http://d2ouvy59p0dg6k.cloudfront.net/downloads/conservation_awards_brochure___2016.pdf
3. 2016: Top five of Trail Camera Video Contest for unique animal behavior displayed and quality video from trailcampro.com. https://www.trailcampro.com/pages/2016-trail-camera-video-contest
4. 2015: Best Talk Award Second for presentation entitled ‘Diversity and distribution of carnivores in Nyesyang valley’ from ‘Student Conference on Conservation Science’ (SCCS), Beijing, 6-8 November, 2015. Beijing Forum, Peking University, China. www.beijingforum.org
5. 2007: Press photo Contest -2nd prize from National Forum of Photo Journalist-Nepal.
6. 2006: Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) award 3rd from Himal Association and WWE-Nepal.


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